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Thread: Problem deleting a directory

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    Question Problem deleting a directory

    Hey all..

    The following strange thing is going on on my pc..

    I downloaded a folder from a ftp server.
    I can access it with the explorer and I can move/copy/delete files inside of that folder..

    What I can't do is delete it..
    It is not write protected or read only..

    Located on a fat32 partition
    using winxp

    Any suggestions what is going on here?


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    This is just a guess, but do you have 'permission' to delete dirs? Or can you delete other dirs, but just not this one?
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    be more specific..... wha kind of error are you getting if any.....

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    It is because your directory has name with ASCII code under DOS OS , and you can not delete it under windows, like if you make a directory in ms DOS and name it by holding right ALT key and pressing 255 on neumeric keys. Command: Mk [Alt]+255 ( Just by numeric keys)
    Just restart to DOS and delete it.
    And if it is possible tell us what the name of the folder is.

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    Actually i believe that ol' DOS trick was killed after windows 98 or something. XP can read/delete and write to and from directories with the 'special' ASCII codes.
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    what is the actual error message. Is it just that you cant delete it. Give more information..
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    You want to delete the folder? First get a linux cd. Then boot form the cd. After that use cfdisk or disk druid to set up your partions and finally select all the stuff you want.
    Problem solved .

    (don't do this unless you want to get rid of windows)
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    Sometimes that kinda thing happens with XP
    it does delete when u start in safe mode.
    And sometimes under a different user.

    But who cares how to delete a file in XP..

    Give me: rm -rf
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    i just had a similar prob jinx...

    using XP and it deleted everything in the folder... but left the folder and said it was in use...
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    When I've experienced similar problems in Windows NT and Windows 2000 it has almost always been caused by the folder or file being open in another process.

    For example, if you go to a "Command Prompt", make a new folder "MD test" and then switch into that folder "CD test", if you don't close the Command prompt then try to use Explorer to remove the folder you will get an error that the folder is still in use.

    Is it possible that your FTP program is holding the folder open so you can't delete it? Try making sure all your programs are closed, including your FTP program and any Command Prompts and try to delete again.

    Good Luck
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