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Thread: why does mcafee miss trojons so much.

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    Thumbs down why does mcafee miss trojons so much.

    why when i scan for viruses mcafee misses the trojons i need to run two different anti virus programs so i can make sure i dont have a trojons on my pc
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    I suggest Trend Micro's PC-Cillin. I put it on my PC just to try something different (I had Norton previously) and straight away it found a virus. Give it a go, maybe it'll do the job for ya - it does it for me.


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    is your mcafee up to date???

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    Here's a little dinger....

    I had transfered some files to a buddies computer and his PC-Cillin picked up a virus on one of the files.... it was a trogan.... then I scanned my files, and it found two....

    It just depends on what and how to date things are.... as far as I can tell

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    Trend micro and mcafee both r not so efficient in cleaning trojans.Try Norton....
    It will help you...

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    I have used Mcafee for years, and let me tell you, I have NEVER been infected by anything really bad. It has detected trojans and viruses very well!
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    "I have used Mcafee for years, and let me tell you, I have NEVER been infected by anything really bad. It has detected trojans and viruses very well!"

    Just because you've never been "infected" by any really bad virus does not mean that you don't have any trojan viruses still hiding on your system. It's possible that McAfee has missed trojan viruses in one or more executable file on your hard drive. As long as you never run the executbles you will never even realize that the trojan viruses are hiding in files on your hard drive.

    I too have never been infected by anything really bad, and I rarely run antivirus software. Instead I pratice safe computing (not opening unknown email, etc.) My point is that just because you haven't been infected doesn't mean that your antivirus software is doing a thorough job.
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    Keep it up to date and maybe enabling heuristic scanning might help you as well!

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    Just get a trojan scanner. Virus scanners detect virii well, trojan scanners like tauscan from www.agnitum.com detect trojans really well.

    As far as Norton being superior, you've got some bad days coming. Don't put your faith in Norton.
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    My local comp shop persuaded me to buy 'Indefense' anti-virus, a couple of years ago. I've been very happy with it, except for a small niggle, when I use 'Eraser' I have to unload Indefense' other it won't complete. Indefense tells me there is a virus, weird, using another free anti virus every so often, [cross fingers] I haven't had a virus.
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