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    Angry how can u get spam from caming to ur email

    i cant stop spam it is getting me mad
    so said the raven nevermore

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    Well, two things you can do to try and help this:

    1 - don't publish your email address anywhere, give it out only to people who you know well. Don't just subscribe to every site that needs subscribtion - make sure it's something you need to subscribe too.

    2 - If your name if John Matthew Smith, don't make your email something like 'j_smith@hotmail.com' (for example), make it something more complex, like 'john_m_smith6@hotmail.com' (for example). I heard that some spamming programs just send out crap to common names and different variations. It may seem like a bitch to type out that long email everytime, but thing about all the spam you get, maybe it'll save a few coming into your inbox.

    If you don't want to change your email, just block the crap that your getting, hopefully it'll stop most of it. I don't know what else to suggest.

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    Dont forger Anti spammers !
    I haven't test them, but they may help, I hope.

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    Unfortunately, once it starts, it never stops ....

    As hot_ice said, the best approach is to make a new email address that you only give to people you know ... never put it in a registration form or give it to a company.

    You usually start getting spam the moment you fill in your address on some form. Also, if you use Hotmail or Yahoo, make sure that you uncheck all the boxes for "free" crap from the mail provider. These are there so that they can spam you.


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    hey ravenorus..

    if you are getting a lot then its better change your id, otherwise
    if its possible for you to block their address do that..if there are many go
    for the first option. And one thing keep in mind when you go to some greeting cards
    page and some sites of that sort just before you send the card make sure you uncheck
    all the offers they make you, by default it is checked. Its a common mistake that most of the
    people make. Actually we never notice it,nd finally dont give out your id to anyone
    unnecessarily. Phew!!! Thats all i can say....
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    Ah, spam... I've ventured on many a holy crusade against it, but I find they are too often fruitless. Here's the solution: filter, filter, filter, filter. Clean online living doesn't hurt, by which I mean the ideas mentioned above. A dummy account at Yahoo or something to use when signing up for something will do you wonders.
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    If you are running a standard POP type account with your ISP you might want to look at the SpamWeasel: HERE

    I tried it, but I am using HTTP mail and it didn't work. It looks like a fairly good filtering tool though.


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    What about at an enterprise level? We can spend on 1500 on a 50 seat spam filter program...or spend 1000 on a linux server to act as a spam and AV filter...and blacklists? Is there any good documentation on this subject?

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    What about at an enterprise level? We can spend on 1500 on a 50 seat spam filter program...or spend 1000 on a linux server to act as a spam and AV filter...and blacklists? Is there any good documentation on this subject?

    maybe you should consider signing up for a "black-hole" list to update your spam filtering.

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