This is a list of security related search engines. Hope it wil be usefull.

Great yahoo-like web directory for hackers.

(il)Legal Search Engine | The biggest underground search engine on the net !
The biggest underground search engine !

(ithaki linux: linux & security metasearch engine)
Linux Metasearch! Metasearch the web/usenet/crawlers for linux related themes. Also metasearch for cracks/hacking.

This is a database of information security (infosec) and anit-hacker information.

AntiSearch - Computer Security - Hacking & Hackers
Information Security Related Sites

Astalavista search

Security and antisecurity search engine and crawler for attackz, bookz, cryptoz, downloadz, exploitz, faqz, hackz, linkz, passwordz, phonez, phreakz, scriptz, textz, tutorialz, virii, zecure, zoftware and otherz

darksearcher - hackers search engine
Search engine, that searches hackz, crackz, porn etc. - underground sites. The Emulation Link Directory
The #1 emulation link directory with hundreds of searchable emulation and rom links! Webmasters- add your site!

Oblivion-X Underground Search
A reliable underground search engine. Find all your information at one site!

Starting Point - Search The Planet - Hacking & Security
All existing WORKING cracks, serials, sites, files & hacking search engines on a single page.
A Spanish Security related search engine.

Welcome by the BPG Crack
It a site with al the big links, hackers, crackers, searches and much much more - /
NetherSearch.Com is the main stream guide to the web's back alleys...

Stuff-Box for hard and software, mp3, vqf, drivers and many more!
cracks, mp3, software, hacker...