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Thread: C++ GUI programming basics

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    Lightbulb C++ GUI programming basics

    Since I'm such a huge fan of the QT library, I've written another tutorial... This time it's a classic hello-world tutorial and I'm using the tools QT Designer and QMake to simplify the programming. BTW the tutorial use Linux and you've got to have QT3 installed.

    If you don't want to download & unzip, the tutorial is located at my homepage.

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    Thanks a lot for posting this...I can't download cuz I'm at school right now, but this will be a big help to me. Also, I see you have the source at the bottom, hehe, that's good! Greenies for ya.

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    i always wanted to learn how to program GUI using C++, thanks for the tutorial. it will really help me...

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    I personally use http://www.programmingtutorials.com for most of my app programming needs. Not sure if they have exactly what you guys may be looking for, but they have lots and lots of tutorials on C, C++ and C#, as well as many other programming languages.
    I'm learning C right now and feel that any information reguarding what can be done and a few neat tips and tricks here and there are a good thing. Thanks for posting this information and hope that the tutorials site I have listed above helps someone out as well. (They have some really good stuff for newbies on the site as well).
    Happy learning
    TinFoilHat Linux O.o who needs more?

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