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Thread: How to get admin pass?

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    Unhappy How to get admin pass?

    The administrator only allows me to use ie and nescape to access internet. I cannot use anything else even using right click. I cannot run any program. So I hate that. How can I get the admin pass? I read a lots of articles about win2000 bugs, ie bugs but I found nothing.

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    Not a very good start... I suggest you edit this thread and delete it.. before the wolves smell you and attack. Alas.. It may be too late already.

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    wow.. his/her first post and the gray is there instead of green.
    tolerance has gotten to nill.. and usually is justified..
    after all, why can't people read even just a few threads or use the search feature to put in the relevent questions ...to find out that AO isn't a place for folks to ask how to hack this or that.
    i have seen threads here that border on the edge and a few cases.. skillfully disguised.. that get responses that are positive ..
    imho, vodanh1982 doesn't need to get flamed (which neither xmaddness are doing) but educated in the ways of AO ..and not trying to hack your admin.. (directed at vodanh1982..hell, he should be your best friend in the company.. THEN you'd learn..)

    my advice.. given in my most friendly manner (surely echoed by most) on any forum.. especially this one, do a lot of reading.. get the gist of the site.. use the search feature of the site.. read the tutorials for newbies.. etc.. and use google search .. before you ask/say what's been said (way too) many times before.

    me.. i'm generally peaceful until provoked.. as are others.. but that wears thin if the same thing get's said day after day.. and so, now that i've said what others have said thousands of times before.. i want to welcome you to AO... read/observe/learn.. be helpful..

    p.s. another tip: buy your admin a few drinks every day but don't make it seem obivious why you are doing this.. after 3-5 nites out.. after 3-4 drinks, ask for some help...

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    even though i shouldnt be telling u this but if u go to www.hackers.com they might have info for u i disagree with what u r trying to do but people do what they went and how just dont post stuff like this nomore is in the long run will be better for u if u dont

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    so said the raven nevermore

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    The admin as well as the company have their own reasons for doing this. Attempting to circumvent this is not a good way to get brownie points at work. Most admins will catch you when you attempt to bypass the security in place during regular audits. If you want to gain knowledge for security purposes. This is the place to be. The tutorials section has plenty of info on weaknesses of systems and how to patch or protect them. It's just not a good idea to come into an anti-hacking site and ask a bunch of admins how to hack other admins. So the best idea is to do your personal surfing at home and leave the work computer to work. Remember it's their computer, network, and internet connection. They can do with it and set limits as they deem fit. Most of the companies I outsource to have strict policies regarding this and usualy fire the ones doing it. So think before you act. It could cost you your job....
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