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Thread: AntiSec, a program by Codex Data

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    Post AntiSec, a program by Codex Data

    Check out this little tool. I found a link to it whilst lurking around UseNet.

    It claims to disarm most firewalls whilst still leaving the icon in place! (Except Tiny, of course)...

    I haven't really looked into it and someone could be pulling my leg, but, I thought a few of you might be interested in case it's legit...

    Here's a link to a little more about it and a free download...

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    Interesting post Conf1rm3d_K1ll. Looks like it could be something for Windows user to be on the lookout for. But as long as I've got my got my ipchains I'm not worried .
    OpenBSD - The proactively secure operating system.

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    Uhm.... ok, now I'm a little worried... so what am I suppose to use against that?

    I know, I'll remove TCI/IP from my installed networking protocols

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    Yet another reason for me to scrap zone alarm and switch to Tiny.
    Its not software piracy. Im just making multiple off site backups.

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    i'd take everything from codex with a cow lick of salt...


    So there you have it. Codex's D.I.R.T. is a remote administration tool that functions in large part just like the free Trojans SubSeven and BO2K, which is being sold by a disgraced former cop, current felon and self-confessed lunatic for thousands of dollars a pop to creepy Feds in countries where the sort of abuse it invites is routine and impossible for a victim to challenge in court. In all, a loathsome scam run by an equally loathsome con artist.
    hehe...guess we know what the reg thinks....

    maybe it does what it says ...who knows....it'll be interesting to see what the cryptome folks have to say

    .and is it just me or does the codex logo look like something...


    hmmm...perhaps an unfortunate coincidence....

    to me the whole "anonymous" submitter sounds more like a pr lacky of codex...but then i'm cranky...maybe it's just me...
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    My antitrogen,informed me of codex and appears to have killed it(I hope)

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    I thought the name Codex sounded familiar. At least their DIRT program worked, even though it was just a high priced trojan. You can actually download DIRT for free from the internet. Just don't get caught with it, because it is illegal to own in the private sector. There is also a cracked version of DIRT online, which allows full use, but like I said....

    Knowing Codex, they probably got ahold of the Optix trojan source, and just made a couple small modifications, closed the source, and sold it for lots of cash. Its amazing what an "ex-cop, convicted fellon" who did time for invasion of privacy using computers if I remember correclyt, can do with other peoples source code
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