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Thread: Been there..wanted to do that..

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    Talking Been there..wanted to do that..

    how many of us...just once...oooohhh.....so sweet....

    (hmm..think i have an old pI sitting around....hehehehehe!)


    Wisconsin man kills computer
    By Nick Farrell [05-04-2002]
    Police recover sledgehammer from scene of crime
    A Wisconsin man smashed up a computer in the shop where he bought it after taking it back five times in three months.
    In a scene reminiscent of Fawlty Towers, the man 'punished' his PC in the shop by hitting it with a sledgehammer.

    Bemused spectators in the town of Grand Chute said that the man, who had complained earlier that he had problems with the computer's hard drive, sound and CD drive, repeatedly pummelled the central processing unit with the hammer.

    He then told other customers and staff to have a good day before leaving the wreckage of the PC in the shop.

    Collared by his local newspaper the 51 year-old man said that he had taken the computer back to the shop more than five times in three months but had been unable to get the store to fix it properly.

    "I wonder how many people are out there complaining and not getting service. It feels good in a way," he said.

    The manager of the shop refused to comment. Police arrested the man and charged him with disorderly conduct.
    I used to be With IT. But then they changed what IT was. Now what I'm with isn't IT, and what's IT seems scary and weird." - Abe Simpson

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    That is totally how I feel at times when working on clients computers....

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    I swear at my computer all the time good stress relief.
    I cam across this clip a few days a go. Just some guy showing his computer whose boss.

    Might not work. ====> http://www.punchbaby.com/media/later...ndowscrash.mov

    Now for some smile spam

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