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    Exclamation assembly example

    you guys know any "SPECIFIC" assembly program "Examples~~~~

    can any one give me the link~~ thanks

    also.... don't tell me to go to

    i searched..............and heard enought about that

    thanks for helping~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    Are two tutorials I wrote. You can find some other general source on my page at:

    If you are talking about a program you are looking for, try describing it. Hopefully you are just looking for something to look at to learn assembly?


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    btw - I used the power of google to get that site :P
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    I remember this PowerPC assembly lab course I had in university. I googled the old course code, and guess what: the page is still online

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    This is a great way to learn about assembly - you'll be beginning from scratch, and end up with a small emulated RISC processor. It's a litte though here and there, but it's great fun to do.

    You can find the assignments and documentation on the page - everything is in english too.
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