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Thread: News: Dutch Hackers Raided

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    Post News: Dutch Hackers Raided

    Dutch police raided six people and at least one ISP (Cavemen) at 9 o'clock (GMT+1) today. Police reports indicate that at least 1 Dutch hacker was arrested after a marihuana growing facility was found in his house. The raids took place in these cities: Almere, Goor, Terneuzen, Culemborg, the Hague, Leeuwarden and Amsterdam. Suspected individuals' nicknames that got raided: sky, Cavemen, Mike (XP), xin, ora and dro. All these people are affiliated to either the Down Under Crew (DUC) or Xtreme Power (XP) hacker groups. Mike supposedly is the one that got arrested.

    Causes for the raids are the suspicions that DU-CREW and XP are responsible for:

    [list=a][*] the DDoS attack (jan-22-'02) on the public chat that Prince Willem Alexander (heir to the Dutch throne) and his fiancée Máxima Zorreguieta hosted as part of the introduction of Máxima to the people of the Netherlands.
    [*]the DDoS attack and crack of CB3ROB BBS.[/list=a]

    Dutch Public Prosecution Service states that the investigation started after a German request for cooperation after a hack (DDoS?) of a Hamburg-based company.

    Raids on two other Dutch ISP's (Chello and BartKabel) are announced.

    Someone on IRC just told me Mike has been released again this evening. I don't know his source.

    Sources (all in Dutch, sorry):
    http://www.openbaarministerie.nl/per...2002/0409a.htm (formal statement by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service)
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    Zijn ze er dan toch 1 vergeten?

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    I thought you could grow marijuana in Amsterdam (DUTCH) does he have a growing license I guess not? I read the article I didn't see any information on it. I feel sorry for those people I hope the Laws over their are not to tough. Good thread

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