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Thread: I found sth...

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    I found sth...

    I found sth not importand, i've just posted because it is a bug of windows. Maybe you have already discovered it. (It might not exist on every country because of the software, but it exist on Greece). When you are connecting on internet, click on the window of the connection and hold the button "Enter". What you see? If it works on you, it should have the red thing moving very fast.
    -You: It's only that?
    -Me: ...mmm...yeah?.?.?
    -You: You spend our worthless time for this ****? Let's flame him guys.
    Please guys don't do that
    don't flame for this thread
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    right click or left click?
    what do you mean by window connection?

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    Your greek? *TheSecretFire's spider sense is tingling*
    Elen alcarin ar gwath halla ná engwar.

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