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Thread: how do i get rid of lop.com

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    Thumbs down how do i get rid of lop.com

    how do i get rid of lopo.com i had downloaded the search engine and i dont use it and it is getting me mad and when i go to ie it loads to lopo.com i cant find it in programs and i have changed homepages like everyday and it cames back to lopo.com can somebody help me thanks
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    Ad aware should do the trick.


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    Ad aware helps keep my blood pressure down.
    Its not software piracy. Im just making multiple off site backups.

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    Boot to DOS with a start disk and type FORMAT C:.............Dooooooh!!!!

    Just kidding. Just go to the page you want as a home page. Like Google "hint, hint, <grin>" is a very good home page. Thats what I use. Then go on the browser tool bar and go under options. In IE, Netscape, and Opera. It has a set page to current option. Just hit that and apply the change. Also if it installed some type of software it may show up in your add remove settings in the control panel. I went to lop.com. I let it set itself as my homepage then switched back to Google with no problems.
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    Ad aware fixes this problem really quickly but watch out. I know Kazaa is not so popular anymore because of the spyware but some ppl still wanna download. So make sure you don't remove anything belonging to Kazaa or it will stop working and you will have to reinstall it.

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    fed up of spy ware use kazaalite as you p2p software

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    /me smells spam! ^^


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    as RuffRyder said: Un-install it....I did when it bugged me....then just remove all the anoying Favorits it add's, and re-set the front page and you'r set...
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    lol thanks for backing me up ! haha

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