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Thread: Should there be to posts

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    Should there be to posts

    Maybe there will be to different things for the posts
    like how many posts that u start and how many posts that u relped to
    what does everybody think about that
    so said the raven nevermore

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    Well thereís the "Last 20 Posts By User" thing in the profile.
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    ya good point
    so said the raven nevermore

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    In future, please post ideas and suggestions like these in the "Site Suggestions" forum.

    As far as the rest, yes, it wouldn't be bad to show how many threads someone started. JP already has a top 10 of thread starters, so the statistic probably exists somewhere in the database.

    Just my 2 cents.


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    I could really care less, on how many threads some one has started. Including myself. Same goes for posts.
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