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Thread: problems with bandwidth and unknown connection

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    Post problems with bandwidth and unknown connection

    Hi all,
    i have this problem - Last days, something is slowing down our connection to internet. We noticed it today. I made netstat command and there were severals ips I don't know connected to our computer. My question is - is in linux some command that allows me to see what amount of data is going to particular ip address? Thanx for answering...

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    Umm, what ports are running? Who are the unknow ip's? You are running linux? How many comuters on your network (I see you said "we")? Are these strange ips showing on other computers?
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    If you are referring to a command that allows you to see what ammount of data packets are going to a certain IP.. then I don't think so, but if you are running the connection yourself, you can view the connection properties and they will probably give you the bytes of data recieved and sent for the connection. You can assume the connection is the computer itself because the computer can not send or recieve anything without the connection. Hope this helps.
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