Well saying as I havn't wrote anything major in here in a while I thought I would do a quick Flash tut - yes I know there is a tut forum but as it is for a web-development product I thought this forum was better suited for this thread
Right the tut is on a pretty old but still quite good effect - anyone who is new to flash might find it usefull but more advanced users will prolly know this already - it creates a sort of light effect which highlights txt as it passes over it - you can see it here

ok here goes -
  • First of all create 2 layers name the top one text and the bottom light
  • Write the txt in the txt layer u wish the light to pass over - don't worry about its color yet as we will sort that later
  • Now in the bottom layer create a new fill box but with no line around the edges - go to the stroke color box and select the lil white rectangle with the red line through it.
  • Make the box roughly twice the size of ur txt
  • Now go to the fill properties menu and select linear gradient - set the middle color to the color that you want your light to be and the two on either side the same color as your movie background if you want the txt to only appear when the light is over it.
  • Press F8 and to bring up the symbols menu - name your fill and check the graphic box and press ok
  • Now create a keyframe at frame 10 in both the layers
  • In the light layer move the light symbol in frame 10 until the light source is at the far end of the txt
  • right click between frame 1 and 10 in the light layer and select inser motion tween - the fill should now move along the txt
  • right click on the txt layer and select mask

that should be you
if you didn't understand this just look at the attached .fla
you can use this technique to create some really nice effects in flash - this was only just one simple example of hat u can do