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Thread: Say it Ain't So...!

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    Say it Ain't So...!

    ahhh...anyone noticed this yet...

    me thinks JP got an idea from the chat popup ...and decided to boost site revenues...pop under ads at ao???...sigh...i guess someone gotta pay the bills....

    course i'm not bitching...free sites don't buy new hardware or office space... just lamenting...and there is a difference...
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    Actually I think I'd rather have them than the chat pop-up. I eventually realized that thing was signing me into IRC without me knowing. I hope people didn't think I was just ignoring them. Well anyway, advertising is here to stay on the net and I know JP has bills to pay too.
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    Thereís nothing wrong with JP trying to making a profit. I'm sure a lot of blood, sweat and tears go into the maintaining of this site so he deserves every cent he can get.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    Cool Chipping in

    either way, (and no disrespect to JP intended)...my firewall blocks pop-up and embedded ads...
    I have to agree with preacherman on that point...i accessed my account from a friend's computer(broadband...gotta get me one of those), and all of a sudden the chat screen came out of nowhere...quite annoying, I thought.
    So this is probably a better way to go, bills or not...I, personally, was kind of pissed that an active chat was opened without any apparent warning...
    And just as an afterthought, why not just ask for donations for the upkeep of the site(AO)? I find no disrespectfulness or pandering in it. Hell, I once paid $25 to an online game for a "Golden Soul"(wink..wink..), not because I wanted to be 'special', but just because I spent so much time playing, and enjoyed it so much(and still got my butt kicked(damned hex-hackers and auto-clickers). It's only fair to support what you enjoy in cyberspace, as well as in reality...(hobbies cost money, after all!)...
    Just a thought...and if you wish to know which game it was, you can find it here... http://synthetic-reality.com/wosHome.htm = Well of Souls. Fun game, and free until have so much fun that you feel like you're stealing it . But maybe that's just me.
    Like I said...just a thought.


    Moral of the story: KEEP AO FREE AND ACCESSIBLE TO ALL, but perhaps provide a way for those who feel the need or appreciation to chip in a few bucks here and there...I would, but not through an ad(by link count) that I'm not interested in at all...

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    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

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    heh was wondering when the pop-ups started
    oh well tis the way of the web these days


    hehe - just noticed that if u click on the scroll bar but not on the actually scroll button it goes green oO never noticed that before!?

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