Alright this was the forum i was told to post in so here it goes:

I am working on a Computer program of Which I call the Xenolithic Standard. It takes the input from the user as text and then translates it into ASCII code. After that it places a specially made algorithm on the numbers. What i want to do is After i hit the Decrypt button i want it to Output the code to a text box (already done) AND then check to see if a folder in the C drive is there, if not, create it and place the code into a text file there.

Later I may need some help thinking up error traps for my algorithm (since only some will work ) I have 6 boxes tha numbers up to 99 can go into. What is the Possible number of Algorithms (I can't remember the equation)

Can anyone help me with this matter, any suggestgions would be most appreciated, for I am only now understanding the full capabilities of VB and am only a highschool student.

Thankyou well in advance...