Ok this is to all you Tcl/Tk programmers out there.

I am making an application, and it needs to be turned into an .exe. So I am using FreeWrap 5.1 to do that. But, I can't seem to get it to work.

In the main file, there are 5 other files that it 'sources'.
set me(path) [pwd]
source "$me(path)/updater/main_config.tcl"
On the command line I type:
freewrap updater.tcl main_config.tcl gui.tcl (and so on..)

It produces an .exe file named updater.exe. But when I go to execute it I get an error like this:
Error sourcing /temp/updater.tcl: couldn't open "F:/temp/updater/gui.tcl": no such file or directory

That is when I moved the 'external' files out of the directory of which they where compiled. But if i put them back, the program works. It is like it is not looking at the files which are wrapped inside of the .exe, but the ones on the outside.

I'm sure i'm forgetting a simple step. But damn, i've tried nearly all different variations that I can think of. If any of you can help out, i'd greatly appreciate it.