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Thread: Foiling the spam bots

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    Foiling the spam bots

    Hey Guys,
    This may be old news to most of you, but someone (besides me) might not know it yet. Spammers use spam bots to harvest e-mail addresses from web pages. If you put your e-mail address in your HTML code you are vulnerable. To fix this you can alter your code. You'll have to click on the attachment to see what I'm talking about because when I tried putting it in my post the code had been executed. Hope this helps.

    To give credit I got this from http://www.windyweb.com/index.html
    check out their site.
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    Good post, interesting information... Another alternative is to make a small flash movie with no movement to display your EMail addy.. If you dont know flash you could use SWish (http://www.swish.com) I think...

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