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Thread: Profile Bug? Sig Bug? 2 Bugs...

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    Profile Bug? Sig Bug? 2 Bugs...

    When clicking this link -> http://www.antionline.com/member.php...o&userid=57392

    it leads me to my User Profile

    but under the feature
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    Search for all posts by this user.
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    sub 7

    Usually the "Seach for all post by this user." and "sub 7" would be links i could click on but all they are are underlined words with no link....

    Now i thought this was weird so i checked 4 other peoples profiles looking for similar problems and none had this problem....

    So this is either because its my own profile or my profile is bugged there...

    Please check ur own profiles for the similiar problem and reply please.

    Oh yeah something elese i noticed was it says my last post was to the thread "sub 7" but i made 4 post after that sub 7 post so i do think there is some sort of problem here.

    PS. Im not complaining and i know its not a big deal but i just found it sort of interesting and thought id point it out.

    Oh. and 1 more thing i noticed was with sigs.... Why sometimes will like "Fade" and "glow" and "shadow" and "Blur" show up in my sig but not all the time...????? Pong seems to be the only one that ALWAYS shows up..

    so thats 2 problems ive noticed today over a period of time...

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    NetSyn I just went to your link and it looks and works fine. I see 6 other posts after Sub7
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    Umm, did you try refreshing the page after you went to your profile NetSyn? Might be something from your cache files. Not sure about your sig file though. I have never had a problem with it. What browser are you using?
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    Netsyn, it seems like it was something on your end (perhaps the page didn't load all the way, cached files, etc. etc.)

    thanks for the post though.

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