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Thread: Learn Linux with "Ease"

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    Learning Linux is by no means "easy" if you dont know any *nix stuff and are used to Mac or MS. This though will
    make it much easier for those not willing to take the "big step" of installing Linux on your only PC... if you have 2
    then y not just put a full distro on it? But this is for those with one pc and not willing to "risk it".

    PKLinux (pkmini2)

    The Linux above can be a solution for a lot of those people who dont know *nix and dont want to format. PKLinux
    will run in DOS.. if using ME I dont know if you will be able to use it cause you really dont have DOS... I know it works
    on 98 edition 2 down but for ME XP and NT I guess it should work but I dont know. This Linux will give you all really
    basic commands and will allow you to access your hard drive so you can view those gr8 *nix docs you download and
    you can ACTUALLY try then and read them at the same time! This 'distro' is very basic and it loads totally in RAM so its
    small but you wont lean to be a "masa-haka" on it case its very basic. This is only to learn the OS. If you like it... fdisk
    will be the next step :-)

    use google to find it, I did... its easy

    pkmini2 is the filename you will want, its only 3.23 megs! (told you it was small) yeah even u on your 2400 modem can
    download it! you could prob run it too.... based on RH I think... try it if you are interested in Linux.. oh and read the short
    READMEs that come with it... it helps if you dont know how to "install" it.


    Important, use ALT + F1 through F8 to open multiple consoles... that will alow you to open the txt u have and do it on
    the next one... just FYI

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    hey dude teach me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    "Teach me please"? There is a void in that I hope you see it. First get that Linux... check it out and at least try ONE doc that deals with some minor commands etc... after that you will understand more what YOU need. Then you can ask a real question... until then there is no help anyone can give you... only opinins

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    first ive heard of it, ill have to give it a look see.

    you might also want to check out http://www.cygwin.com/

    its a unix emmulator/bash shell for windows.

    lots of software has been ported to cygwin: rpm, xfree86, gnome desktop... its really pretty cool.
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    Another simple solution for those who aren't ready to give up Windows is Slackware. It'll run on a windows partition (FAT32). It's is very simple to boot and doesn't require much disk space.

    You can download it Here. Enjoy!

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    wow Conf1rm3d_K1ll I didnt know slackware would load in Fat32 partition... Is that a "special" option for Slackware or will the norm install work on Fat32? Thanks for the info!

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    It's just the standard install. It's good for those people who are a little afraid of partitioning.....

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