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Thread: windows98?

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    Re: windows98?

    Originally posted here by Gforce^
    How can i browse someones files or copy them ?
    target has got windows98 second edition.
    STEP 1.

    Ask them very nicely to set up a share and allow you access.

    If on the other hand you don't want them to know you're doing it ...

    STEP 2.

    Put a piece of cloth over your mouth to disguse your voice, don a Ronald Regan mask, and then repeat step 1.

    Simple stuff .... next


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    Or... wait, wait, wait!

    Call the people and pretend to be a computer guru and that you're calling in concern of a new Virii breakthru and that you want to check to make sure their (make something up, sounding important) Your BIOS RAMDISK CONTROLLER CARD CHIP is at risk and can finish your computer! Then go over, copy their files and say it's for research reasons

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