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    Microsoft Executive Circle

    Anyone ever see the "Microsoft Executive Circle" Magazine. They have a website.... www.microsoft.com/eexecutivecircle

    Anyway, I just got my first issue of it, and found it kind of amusing. There is a 5 page article called "Security (everybody's business) Tag line..." Buying a firewall isn't enough-senior management must set the tone when it comes to data privacy and security."

    Basically, the entire article was about how mangament is responsible for security. In never once says anything about the fact that you should avoid Mirosoft if you want security though. Coincidence? Sounds almost like MS is trying to push the blame on the endusers to me.
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    "Coincidence? Sounds almost like MS is trying to push the blame on the endusers to me."
    You got that right man
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    M$ should just admit that their stuff is crap when it comes to security and be done with it.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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