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Thread: Nokia question?

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    Question Nokia question?

    I have a good question about Nokia cell phones. I was wondering if I was to buy the adaptor that has the lan line attachment can I connect this to my phone to the computer and then change the sounds the phone plays? I know there are programs out there to change the sounds but I dont know if the phone line connection will be the right connection to use with this program. So if you have tried this before and it worked let me know because Im getting tired of the standard ring tones.

    Please no ( you shouldnt be hacking cells ) its my cell and I have all rights to do this.

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    Yes, you can. There are tons of different sites online that are specifically for just distributing weird ring-tones and all...they have some really good ones. Hope this helps.

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    Just go to this website and get what you need there

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    The coolest cell phone ring would be the mission impossible theme.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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