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Thread: analyzing IP

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    analyzing IP

    Well, if anyone know how the IP address is stored, can he tell me? And why does everyone when he is offline has IP (i think that this is)?

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    What you mean where it is stored? you mean in the remote server? if I guess right, it is stored in the log files of the server, depending on which kind of OS they are using.

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    I mean the IP has some numbers (
    Does 127 says your country, 0 says your state?

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    1,103 is the local loopback adres, it's used for testing perposes mostly (so, if you want to contact your own machine for some reason, you can always use If you want to find out the IP you're currently using, run the programs IPCONFIG (WinNT/2000) or WINIPCFG (Win9X).

    You can't derive the location of a computer trough it's IP directly: that means, in the IP, each number doesn't correspond with a geographic location directly.
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    Thanks, but you didn't answer my question. Maybe i haven't made it clear. So, i said as example of IP, but i ask generally what an IP address can tell me. Can it tell me where i live if i have my IP? Do the first three numbers tell the country?

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    No, they don't. It's not quite that simple - you can write complete books on the subject... there's a section on TCP/IP in Negatives tutorial index - have a look there.

    Also, I dug op this, hope it helps:

    Originally posted here by Terr

    Okay... in the beginning, they made a bunch of numbers to use. through, and some of them were set aside for internal networks, others for testing, 127.x.x.x for loop-back, etc.

    Basically it's pretty random, and who controls the numbers is something of a debate. (Read about the ICANN or Internic for more information.) Anyway, some companies got big blocks of addresses early on, before the internet really took off, and ownership of these blocks has often changed around, been re-sold, etc. For instance, you get your IP from your ISP, right? They might have reserved it from another humungous company.

    Although sometimes the IP DOES correlate to a geographical location or country, that's mainly because a bunch of similar addresses are in use there. But there is no IP -> Country list, with what countries get what blocks of IP addresses. Countries DO, however, control their top-level-domains (These are not the same as IP addresses, they are just a short-term way for you to find the addresses by searching a DNS server), such as .au, .uk, .cn, .jp... (Australia, United Kingdom, China, Japan...)
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    735 as Guus said is your loopback address. Anything you send to this address gets looped back. It doesn't matter whether you are Irish or Palestinian, it's still gets sent back to you. Like "ping" will just ping you. DoSing (tell script kiddies to do this ) will DoS your own machine.

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    Yeah, thanks a lot both of you jethro and Guus.
    Except i'm going to learn more about IPs, i learned sth else, that script kiddies are stupid.

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    u can't see from a ip adress from what country it is but they are programs that can do that 4 ya


    maybe this help ya on you'r ip quest
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    -Ip address arenít stored there assigned.
    - is a loop back for checking you network card

    Hereís a few links to help you learn a little bit more about IP addresses

    Also click on darkadon's link and download neotrace. Great prog for seeing all the wacky routes information takes on the internet.
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