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Thread: Problem's with Verison Networked DSL

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    Problem's with Verison Networked DSL

    I was talking with my friend yesterday on AIM when about every five miniutes he would get kicked off. I asked what was up and he said approximitly every 5 min, he would get disconected from the internet and have to renew his IP. He said it used to never happen, then once a day, then about every half hour, now every 5 min. Any idea's on how to help or mamby what the problem is would be greatly apretiated.

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    Please be more specific. What OS are you running, what type of DSL modem, if lan type of router or proxy. With more details someone can probably help.

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    Hmmm, Im running Verison DSL with a Home Network and it works fine.. Since he said its verizon Im assuming you have some version of Windows above 98 with a network with at least 2 computers.... Check the TTL and the gateway settings on the server for the network, If they seem out of order delete the Ipoet ethernet adaptor and re-install Verizon

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    I think the term is what brand of Modem or Router ???
    a Cisco 677/678 or Speedstream or whetever...

    I personally use a Linksys Router connected to a Pairgain 500 modem
    and the standard I use is G-Lite, there is also DMT standard among others

    BTW; Maybe Version is switching IP addresses and the modem will not retrain.
    or the phone pair is crappy and if you live in an area with lots of
    rain you may have a wet pair.... if Version beleves you...
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