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    Question cant view graphics

    hi guys. I am not able to view any graphic files. i use acdsee3.1. i had associated all the files. I tried installing it again. but still no use. I am able to view it through other softwares. What could be problem???

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    Did you pay for the ACDsee? If not, the people who you got your warez from could've done that to you on purpose. That's why if you really want something from a warez site that's pretty big, like ACDsee, you should always back your reg settings up before you install it. Just uninstall it, and then reinstall it...don't just install it again. That might help. Also, don't associate all file types for it. Leave them how they are, and open ACDSee by itself and open the files you want to modify through it...that way there's no mixups in the reg or anything.

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    if it still don't work .. you can visit ...
    and search for freeware graphic products .. that'll be better for you ...

    regarding the ACDC. if you didn't missup with the settings ... then probbly coz' it's not a freeware .. and the trial period is done ...

    good luck
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    94 was working perfectly but then i dont know, it suddenly
    stopped working. I had uninstalled it and tehn reinstalled it but still no use.
    I have installed an older version of it. That works but then i wanted to know
    what could have happened. Anyway thanks guys for ur opinions.
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    Did you buy it? Did you crack it? Is the trial period over?

    My bet is that you were using it as a trial, and now the trial period is over.
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