I have come across some really cool Flash sites lately and I found something on one page that really interested me. The source was released to that site and he modified it to his own "artistic" purposes and it's cool too! The Flash source I am talking about had been distributed to a lot of different web pages and they sent it with the intent of being changed and modified by those people and sent back to be posted by this site. The source unfortunately, and most probably accidently, wasnt sent to me but I have the .swf of the one I like the most. (This swf is a "click 3 points" generation 'program'.) It takes those positions and forms an image with 3 or more image files... It uses its "formula" to incorporate those images into a geometric shapes and its really cool.... I have used 2 different flash dissasembers to try and get all the info out of them I can, both though are limited to 5 scenes and 20 lines of code... the good thing is that those are only 3 scenes but I dont get all the code.

I know there is no way to extract it to a 'flash usable' file that I can just edit, but what progs are there out there... hopefully freeware that could help me? I have used "SourceTek ******* SWF Decompiler" and "Action Script Viewer 2.5".

Attached file is 2 .swf s. It's small and I like them... the mtan is the one I'll modify to make a loading screen... have 4 different point sets saved and they just generate... small size with interesting effects... Thanks for help and suggestions