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Thread: a tool worth having?

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    a tool worth having?

    this weekend i made a program in vb6 that when executed on a remote machine downloads a program to a preselected file and runs it in the bckground

    the program is only 4k in size so is alot easier to send than a trojan and can then download a trojan server from a web server

    i do not really use trojans but i thought this program may be useful in the future, should i bother publishing it on a website or not bother?


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    umm... I'd suggest editing this post or removing it.. because that still is a trojan. What benefit could you gain by running a program on someone else's machine (in the background no less) without their consent?

    But.. I may be mistaken to the context of this post. Perhaps if used properly you could market it to....

    bah.. nevermind

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    Well, I must agree with xmadd on this one. Well said. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from running something remotely on another machine without permission. If you were using this on your own network that was not accessable physically, that would be cool; that's the idea behind pcAnywhere. But if it's running in the background or without the computer owner's consent, then please, go on and walk to your police station and turn yourself in.

    God bless, and well said xmadd.

    Edit: Oh yeah, and you said you wrote this in VBasic? Call me stupid (please!), but I'm not much of a fan of Visual Basic, or any other "visual" programming languages, for that matter. I'm sure many will dissagree, but I just thought I would let everyone know where I stand on that...

    God bless
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    Making your own network tools is cool but installing Trojans on other people’s comps is not. I hope you put your programming skillz to good use.
    Its not software piracy. I’m just making multiple off site backups.

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    this weekend i made a program in vb6 that when executed on a remote machine downloads a program to a preselected file and runs it in the bckground

    Everyone knows you don't use trojans! Trojans = L@/\/\3R. Trying to run a trojan on someone elses computer is very lame. ] You will only impress other lamers. I think PhirePhreak said it best "without the computer owner's consent, then please, go on and walk to your police station and turn yourself in.

    Check out www.webattack.com

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    Thumbs down

    sK1Tz0 you are the biggest ****en jackass I have ever seen here at AO. You must be a mother ****en retard to post a thread like that around here. Pull your ****en head out of your ass and look around you man. This is not a lame little ****en kiddie site!!! If you want to play with little ****en wankers go to cyberarmy.com or hackers.com. If I ever see you post a thread like this again I will hunt you down and beat you ****en head in with a bat mother****er.... Other then that have a nice day


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    Whats with all that B.S System_Overload! Even though interaction with the network is through a computer it is easy to forget that there are people "out there." Situations arise where emotions erupt into a verbal free-for-all that can lead to hurt feelings . Please remember that people all over the world are reading your words. Do not flame people if you cannot persuade them with your presentation of the facts. Screaming, cursing, and abusing others only serves to make people think less of you and less willing to help you when you need it. Nasty words create more problems than they solve. Try not to say anything to others you would not say to them in person in a room full of people. You only make it worse!

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    Your saying you made something in VB6 that was "4k"?

    ok whats the punch line?
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    Totally agree with blunt23..
    No more words..

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    I never saw anything in his post that said "Without the users concent" and I can acually think of a use for this. Have any one of you tried updating the AV program on 30 different computers? Have you ever had to run a virus removal tool on every computer on a network, because some jackass got a virus before the def's were updated and infected the entire business? Have you ever had to install a new program on 20+ machines, because managment decided to run something different?

    Yeah, there are other ways, but it is possible. I definatly agree with Tedob1 though. A 4k VB program would be pretty impressive.
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