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Thread: Building Security Website - Need Advice

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    Building Security Website - Need Advice

    A friend and I are building a secuity webise and I need some advice....I want to make the site comprehensive and explain the threats well. I want to put screenshots of Trojans, Worms, Etc. in action on the website...problem is I don't have a sacrificial box and am looking for a better way of doing it than having to run the Trojan across my internal LAN, getting the graphics, then cleaning the trojan off, then doing it all over again with something else. Any Ideas?

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    No ideas as of yet. I'll look around for some pics of that nature. Sounds like it'd be a cool site.

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    Originally posted here by PhirePhreak
    No ideas as of yet. I'll look around for some pics of that nature. Sounds like it'd be a cool site.

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    Problem is I want to get the Pics WITHOUT haing copyright related problems

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    Try visiting antivirus sites maybe there u`ll find what u need.

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    Use Ghost to make a complete backup of one of your boxes, after that, disconnect it from any network before installing the trojans. Make your screenshots, apply the ghost again, and voila, your computer good as new

    You could always try to firewall the infected box thoroughly, but that still means you have to clean up the mess you made... I'd use Ghost. Good luck.
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    The best (and probably fastest) way to do it is like you said. Run it on your own boxen. You can run a trojan server and client on the same machine if you want to. Also, most servers don't have much to see anyway, so just install the client, run it, take a couple screen shots, then remove it. You could probably install 50 different clients or so at once if you wanted to, then just remove them all at once. Use Guus' idea, and ghost the machine first.
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