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    Interesting Program


    I haven't downloaded it myself, so I can't say how well it works personally, or even if it does, but it looks cool so I figured I'd post it. It's supposed to clear out all those nasty little files that Microsoft loves to hide on your computer.


    Read them.

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    So does format c:...lol
    Nice post....I'm going to get this
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    Or you could use Opera.
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    Sweet program, but just in advance, post this in the "Product Reviews" Forum.

    Nice post otherwise, good job Keisha.
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    I agree with Noia, The best way to get rid of pesky Microsoft files is to format your hard drive, break all your Windows CD's (burned or otherwise) and format your drive again just to be sure... Good post Keisha

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    I use Clean Disk Security. It cleans standard disk space, cleans file slack space, Clears out the recent documets list in the start menu, empties the recycle bin, cleans windows temp folder, internet browser cache, clean history records, as well as internet cookies and on some machines can clean the windows swap files. It also has an added feature that will allow you to 'wipe' all the files it deletes as in covering them with sensless data to make them unrecoverable.
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