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Thread: Wtf?

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    You know we have all been wondering who spawns those stupid .exe kiddies.
    Yah you know the ones that ask stupid crap like how do you hack _________ (you can fill in the blank ). Now i know where they come from Script kiddie heavan
    What the crap is this? Im sure its prob been discussed before but its the first time ive seen this site.....let me know what you think.

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    1,463 is a cool site, it pokes fun at a lot of sites including AO

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    Nice. They have the old skool AO . . . . Brings a flood of memories back. Like the Daily news, and a Weekly mail-bag that actually updated weekly.
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    this is the first time i have been to this site. looks good.

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    What is this site?

    There is a lot of things. But the level of organisation is very low. How do you find anything in all these subjects and categories?
    It seems to be a mix of several sites in one. The exploration will be interesting but long...
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