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Thread: high virus activity today

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    Question high virus activity today

    I've noticed an unusual increase in viruses received by users in my office today. Has anyone noticed something similar? Just speculation- but I was wondering if perhaps, being April 15th and all, it is a prime day for folks to try and foul up internet traffic?

    any thoughts? Cheers and happy filing- not!


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    Well.. Jen. haven't noticed any such activity today? But the warning sure helps!!

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    Hmmm, Well in 9 days the Chernobyl/CIH virus will be going off (April 26, 1986 is the day that the Chernobyl Power Plant blew up.. And the virus detonantes on April 26 each year) If you think your infected get the Kill CIH tool and update your virus defenitions

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    Thats what the first version of the CiH virus did, but the newer version go off on the 26th of every month. It's pretty dangerous so I advise you all to do what ac1dsp3ctrum suggests. Want more info check this out: http://vil.nai.com/vil/content/v_10300.htm

    This family of viruses, written in South-East Asia, first appeared in June 1998. Currently there are three known variants; and at least two of these have been found `in the wild'. The viruses infect Windows 95 files in PE format. This virus contains a date activated payload. One alias to this virus is Chernobyl, which is a direct reference to the nuclear plant accident of the same name which occurred also on April 26th (in 1986).
    W95/CIH viruses are able to split up the body of the virus code and place it within unused parts of the infected file (PE files usually contain lots of unused space).

    The viruses contain a very dangerous payload, which triggers on the 26th of any month. On this date, they attempt to overwrite the flash-BIOS. If the flash-BIOS is write-enabled (and this is the case in most modern computers with a flash-BIOS) this renders the machine unusable because it will no longer boot. At the same time, they also overwrite the hard disk with garbage.

    The viruses contain the following (unencrypted) strings:

    CIH v1.2 TTIT

    Note: CIH are the intials of the author
    Help stop date rape, put out.

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    More ETD's. (Electronically transmitted disease)

    Too bad they don't make shots for those, it sure would make my life better.
    America - Land of the free, home of the brave.

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