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Thread: Firewall is not enough, I recommend AlphaShiled

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    Firewall is not enough, I recommend AlphaShiled

    Check: http://www.alphashield.com
    As you may know, 95% of the home Internet users have been probed by hackers. I'm very pleased with the AlphaShield product. Even though it was a bit pricy. ($169.99 US) But I like new security devices and programs. I have this device installed on my home network. The AlphaShield is in front of two other routers (Linux & Linksys) So my security now is top of the line. I really like the one touch connect and disconnect feature. And the fact that there is no firmware upgrades. I also can't believe how many unnecessary data packets are sent to my high speed address. AlphaShield denies all that traffic onto my network.
    Until now only complex, difficult-to-configure firewalls have been available for consumers and most do not have the technological know-how to properly set them up. Enter AlphaShield. Designed for non-technical consumers, AlphaShield is the first Plug & Play Internet privacy protection device that requires no maintenance, no configuration and no upgrades.
    Imaging the software firewalls such as ZoneAlarm, Blackice, Symantec personal firewall, they are all developed on a unknown, corruptable platform--Windows. Even windows itself is embeded with a bunch of security hole, how can they protect you against all malicious attacks? How can they be impervious to corruptable virus? On the other hand, imaging the firewall routers, such as Linksys, Netgear, Broadguard, their functionalities are largely subject to the user's technology background. For a general consumer, it is very difficult to adjust the settings if he wants to use it with a particular application. Furthermore, it requires regular updates on its firmware. General speaking, it is a good solution to share your Internet, not to protect your Internet connection.
    If you do not have any networking knowledge or do not want to get in trouble with the time-consuming configuration, I recommend you to use AlphaShield.It has got a number of awards in the world-class tradeshow in 2001, such as BEST NEW TECHNOLOGY, BEST HARDWARE, BEST E-SOLUTION. It is good for small business, SOHO and general consumers. If you need further information, check http://www.alphashield.com

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    Wow...good review. Do you work for these guys or something?

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    I'm not sure if this is a review or spam. I think it might be spam.
    1. His home page is set to the alphashield site
    2. His location says Canada, alphashield is in Burnaby BC
    3. Even the best reviews have at least one negative point about the product.
    Its not software piracy. Im just making multiple off site backups.

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    It's usless SPAM.... This has already been posted..........
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    Hmm, I could pay $169.99 for a product that I don't know much about OR I could set up my own firewall using linux/FreeBSD for free and have complete control over it. Tough call . It would be appreciated if you took your spam elsewhere.
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    Yes, leo wan does work for them. He came to me originally wanted to advertise on the site, but when he found out how expensive we were, I guess he decided to spam the living hell out of my members instead.

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    thread closed.

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