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    Vulnerabilities in Novell Netware

    Does anybody know of any I can't seem to find any?

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    www.google.com http://www.google.com/search?sourcei...ulnerabilities

    Quick check out the 11,200 hits for your question.
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    There have been some, but it's unlikely they're still present.

    Novell has a good security reputation mostly. Its main weaknesses stem from being based on DOS (or Windows) (Neither of which the server actually runs under)

    Things to watch out for normally:

    - Supervisor accounts running world writable binaries (duuh!)
    - Supervisor accounts logging into machines which may have keyloggers, fake login screens etc
    - People left logged in (yes it does still happen)

    - Supervisor accounts running backup jobs, printing bits etc

    - Fake file servers
    (A classic attack)
    - Creates a file server with the same name as a real one, clients are fooled into connecting to it and revealing at least some information about their password, hence dictionary attacks at least can be done.
    - Fake file servers may work better when the real one(s) are down - for instance they might be DOS'd so watch out.

    - Macs might have vulnerabilities which expose novell logins

    Novell has an advanced filesystem and the Bindery/NDS is a clever and complex directory - these facts make it easy to hide information in them, as not all things are obvious.

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