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Thread: MUST READ: Hackers on Planet Earth 2002

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    Exclamation MUST READ: Hackers on Planet Earth 2002

    If you are going to H2K2 Hackers on Planet Earth, and you need a place to stay for free I got the hook up. I have a beach house on fire island, and im renting a hotel right out side of the city. Oh yeah and both places will be stocked fully with beer b/c im a party animal. All you will need to supply yourself with is food. As you know H2K2 is going to be July 12-14. I will have both places open July 11-15, for people that want to come early and stay late. For an extra added bonus on the 13th (Saturday from 8-2) I will be mixing live at Club New York along with Dj Trauma from Wild 98.7. Witch means I can get you in for free!!! From what I hear the cover charge there is nuts. It's like 30 bucksor so. Ok well im not going to make this any longer. If you want to stay with me just reply to this message. I will take the first 10 reply.

    You may not like my bad mouth, or like what I have to say sometimes, but no other person on this fourm would ever hook you up like im going to for the biggest hacking event of the year...

    And to you people that love to slam me with negitive anti points. Dont even try to reply to this thread, and yes I know who you are...

    The hook up KING

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    Hey system_overload you live in Tampa to? I know DJ Trauma and 3rd leg greg all those DJ from wild 98.7! if you party in Y-bor city just let me know whats up! Also are you going to livestock 12 at the end of this month if you are let me know.

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    Thats cool bro!!! Im going to be working with them soon. Im kinda a newbie Dj, but im really good. I live right outside of Tampa. Im in Largo right over the bridge. That cool to meet an other person from the Tampa bay area. Are you going to New York for H2K2? If you do go being that your from the bay area and all. Im sure I could get you up in our vip room. Being that you know wild 98.7 crew... From what I hear some of the radio jocks may also be up there as well... Maybe Orlando and busta nuts and a few others... That same weekend they are having some kinda radio award show, and Orlando is in it... I dont know if you listen to 98 rock at all but Bubba is going to be in New York that weekend as well. Bubba is up for like 6 awards...


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    I may go to live stock im not sure yet I have school....

    Hey did you go to the 97x Freebie Weebie???? It was off the chain Unwritten Law kicked ass, and all the other bands were good as well...


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    Hey Sys_OV - I wanted to r.s.v.p. and tell you that I am definately interested.
    Question is wether or not I can escape work and other responsibilities.
    I have never been to NY and can't think of a better reason to go.
    Reply Here and I will check back.
    P.s. I take it you have offended the SuP3r 733t IRC h4x0rs? - LOL

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    Well FrequentZ you the first one on my list. If you cant make it for any reason let me know by July 5. That will give me some time to find an other person to fill your spot... PM me your email so I can contact you later with more info on the trip... Thanks for your reply, and I will see you in July....


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