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Thread: The Entire Concept Of Anti-Virus

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    The Entire Concept Of Anti-Virus

    From what I know about anti-virus programs, they scan for segments of 'malicous code', and they have to be told what that code is. For example, the anti-virus program works off of the massive database of known viruses and nothing else. My concern is that if someone was to create something new and completely original it would be unstoppable until one of the major anti-virus software updates found a fix for it and distrubute this. Is this the way things really work? Seems like there could be a way to prevent your computer from doing certain things (like a firewall or the "virus like activity" feature in Norton), other than the sytem resource hogging anti-virus programs. Sorry about the babbling.

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    That happens every day. A new virus is made anti-virus software is updated. You download the update and everyone is happy.
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    Well thats why just an AntiVirus isnt enough..... personally i dont use AntiViruses, i can normaly keep viruses off of my computer on my own... you have to watch what u download and what you do and what sites you go to online.... if you share a computer that can be a problem, but Firewalls are always good, Tiney Personal Firewall is my personal favorite for Windows users and as far as an antivurs Central Command's AVX is very good with trojans and updated virueses..... there is a simple "update" button on tehre that updates whenever you feel like it.... no need for large upgrade downloads.

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    New virus, new anti-virus software update is needed. There is no 100% anti-virus software.

    The best way to protect a computer from virus is to turn off your computer. But still then I have my doubt.
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