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Thread: wonderful figures

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    wonderful figures

    The following was reported in a magazine a couple of weeks ago.

    Birmingham Council tenants were given a referendam to select one of the following;

    1] To remain as council tenants.

    2] To become part of a housing association.

    3] come under the juristdiction of private landlord.

    the result was as follows.

    48% voted to remain as council tenants.

    the other 52% voted for one of the other options.

    Now the council really wanted them to vote for 2] or 3]. and had dangled the carrot of rents being froze for eight years.

    A minister of housing then said as the majority had voted for 2] or 3] they should hold another referendam as to which the tenants should go for 2] or 3].

    talk about twisting figures to suit yourself.

    However one paper came out with the following;

    if they want to treat these figures in this way then the Labour government who though getting in with the largest majority ever seen, only around 40 odd % of the population voted in the election, therefore following the premise the minister laid out the labour government shouldn't be in power and should resign as the majority of the pop didn't vote them in. latest news. Minister can't be seen anywhere.

    The moral is; even if your the minority your still the majority


    sir henry

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    Doesn't suprise me one bit!!!!!!
    The great british govenment what a farce.!!!!!!
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    I think I was involved in a magic trick like that once, where the magician told me what card I was going to pick.
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    to anyone in the uk, i recommend "Private Eye " where this was reported.

    I buy every issue, when I've read it I sit back and say to myself " Either I don't live on this planet or they don't. We certainly don't live on the same one.

    Big business is[ sorry strike that out] has taken over. Governments are just Aunt Sally's we vent our anger on.

    sir henry

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