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Thread: Packet filtering firewall question

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    Packet filtering firewall question

    I have recently become interested in packet filtering firewalls and I was curious as to what traffic is commonly let in and out. (IP?)
    How does one exploit this and what are ways to patch it? Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Packet filtering firewall question

    Most firewalls have by default traffic allowed and blocked.
    You can find this by looking at the options of your firewall.
    Their you can see what s blocked and what s not by default.
    Some have mutch used appz preconfig. by default[ie,icq]like Agnitum s firewall Outpost.

    Your os needs updates[windows-update]
    Or you can use Bigfix from bigfix.com[free]and cnet catchup[also free]

    Goodluck and have a safe trip in cyberspace.

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    Most commonly used ports are discussed in this thread.
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    Everything has exploits. Not everything has patches. It really depends on the product you buy.
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    Packet filters just close ports.
    they are the real old style firewalls.
    Even though the services run, you can't connect to the port..
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