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Thread: Help: True64 Install

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    Help: True64 Install

    This is a question for all the gurus out there. I'm trying to get True64 up and running on an Alpha AXP so I can set it up as a firewall box. The ROM Version is 2.2 - SRM Firmware version 370. I don't have a monitor for it so I'm using minicom to do the install over a serial cable. The machine hangs during the boot. The output is:

    System power up OK.

    83 BOOT SYS

    84 FAIL


    Basically what I need to know is where can I find a list of the BIOS error codes? I've checked the web/compaq site and come up with nothing? Any help on this would be muchly appreciated .
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    well, I am no true64 expert but I did find some things that may lead you down the right path.

    this is the closest thing I could find to your problem, it is your exact error.


    can you give any more information about it ?
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