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Thread: Error in New Features forum

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    Error in New Features forum

    I see the 'quick post thread' box, and I CAN make threads which show up on the main page, even if people get errors when they try to get to them.
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    Hmmm...that 'Quick Post Thread' box doesn't appear for me in the 'New Features' forum. I get it in other forums, just not in the 'New Features' forum. Maybe it's cos you are a moderator of another forum that you get it. I dunno, just a thought.

    Unless I'm lost and your talking about something else...??

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    Maybe its because you are a moderator? I cant see a quick thread box, Damn you Terr, with your moderational skills

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    Thats weird when I went to New Features Forum I got the Quick Reply box. As for being able to read Terr`s post I couldn`t get to it from front page nor was it on the New Features forum.
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