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    u can get a profile on the person who started the thread but not on who last posted just a pretting up thingy but it would be nice

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    Ahh, you mean from the main page, kinda like a quick link from the front page to the last persons profile. I still think that persons name should link to the last post, especially for the threads that get to be 2 to 15 pages long. Anyway, there should be some functionallity to the "last post" name.
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    I'm confused

    You can always view anyones profile, I thought anyway.
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    You're right, Iceflash...
    Meet RiOtEr, the laziest bum on AO: he's the one that wants all the links he uses on the main page (I wouldn't be surprised if one day I open the main, and all of RiOtEr's 'quick-links' show up...).

    Anyways... the fastest way to find someone's profile used to be to add that person to your Buddy-list, but since JP added the Member Profile Quickfind (Hey RiOtEr, look! It says 'quick'!), it takes only one click to find any user's profile...

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    *sigh* You have enlightened us all once again Neg.

    Thanks for my free public education

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    I gotta admit, RiOtEr is pretty lazy

    But he still contributes and we all love em, lol......

    But definately needs some kind of functionality!!!!!!!

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    Greetings All:

    Ooook, the user that last posted to the thread now has a link to his profile, and the number of replies to the thread links to a pop-up box listing everyone that's posted.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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