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Thread: online security with CryptoHeaven

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    Cool online security with CryptoHeaven

    I would like to see more products like CryptoHeaven ( ) being developed. There is a lot of people relying on PGP or other web based encrypted email, but email is over 20 years old and is very limited in functionality. Its time to start switching to secure group based collaboration environments with integrated messaging and file sharing, maybe video conferencing, etc...

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    What's wrong with email?

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    email is too limited

    sorry but PGP plugins just don't cut it for me anymore. How are you supposed to securely send a file document to an email box which has 5 MB of storage or less and is probably already full? Email based security/encryption software are soon to be a thing of the past. However people are reluctant to change, I anticipate such conversion to take a few long years

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    Just learn to speach apache.
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    5 meg of storage or less? Thats because they are probably using some free email program. Go out and pay for an account if you need more space. Or use pgp to encrypt your files, and put them on an ftp server.

    CryptoHeaven appears to just be an online storage facilty. Go get an x-drive account and have 50meg free storage. Pay for a datahaven account for storage. Pay for Internet Site hosting and get more storage. Buy a cable modem and use your own computer for storage.

    "secure group based collaboration environments" is just a whole shitload of buzz words that means absoutley nothing new, just marketing tactics.
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