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    Exclamation authorization code

    would anyone know how I could get the authorization code for the 15-day trial CD of autocad 2002. Once you install the software you have 15 days to register. Once that is done you get an authorization code from www.autodesk.com that lets you use the program after the trial period. Does anyone know how I could get the authorization code cos I already have the serial and CD key
    would be really grateful. Thanks, Freddy.

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    Yeah, go to www.autodesk.com, find the link for authorization codes. Enter your serial number and your CD key, and they will give you an auth code.

    If you cannot, for some reason, give them your number and CD key, that would mean that you are using someone elses serial number and CD key. In that case, go to www.autodesk.com, and find the link to purchase Autocad 2002.

    If neither of the above 2 work, that means that you are trying to use an illegal version of autocad 2002, which you cracked. In that case, get a life, because this isn't a warez or serialz site.
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    i think souleman covered it all pretty well... but you want the auth code, then buy the program. Antionline does not condone nor aid illegal activity... you want to find something illegal, go to a warez site... can't find one?? search google
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    i guess it's all said, i dunno if there is any crack/keymaker for autocad, the only thing I know is that the authorisation code changes every time you install it, sometimes the form here isn't working, and you have to send it by e-mail, the response gets in 1-2 work days....

    Of course this only helps if you have a legal version....

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