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Thread: Networking/Security Newbie... (Career Questions)

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    Networking/Security Newbie... (Career Questions)

    Hello.. I'm a newbie when it comes to security and I'm okay when it comes to networking.. I'm in college at the moment, and I was wondering what the best course would be to get into that field.. I figured networking.. But I would like to get an opinion.. I'm semi-interested in this for a career.. Currently I'm working with Java, which I also enjoy.. I enjoy programming. But I hear the computer market isn't doing all too amazing.. I have been thinking of several other plans.. Possible networking/programming with a video game company (hopefully.) Otherwise.. I'll just have to be a programmer (preferably in Java until it dies.) Please get back to me with comments/opinions/concerns, and also.. If anyone knows of any job openings or internships in NY, that they might be able to help me out with.. Currently I am looking at Tech Support with Computer Associates. Thank you for your time..

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    I was in your shoes a few years ago. Looking back, I would have liked to have done more Networking subjects at uni, especially TCP/IP. With network security, you need to know TCP/IP inside out. Learn you protocols, and constantly monitor security sites for new mitigations and technologies....

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