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Thread: New AO mIRC Chan

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    Question New AO mIRC Chan

    I'm working on a bot for Sarin...and we need some simple question's....just 1 track question's with only 1 answer...
    I know some thing like this has bee posted before...but it didn't yeld the right kind of questions (Sorry) + it sort of died out in the end.
    Ne way's the question's can be thing's like:
    JP is the Owner of which site?
    MsMitten's is a Member at www.___________
    and stuff like that..
    just more security related...eg about TCP/IP protocol's and other thing's...generaly any 1 track question will be Helpfull....prefferably about Security and HAcking/Anti-Hacking...tanx
    - Noia
    Remember: the Answer's also have to be posted...
    (Im to lazy to check if they'r right..)
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    any security related questions will be MUCH appreciated

    thanks noia!!!!!

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