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Thread: How to prevent ads

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    How to prevent ads

    You see i have a geocities website and i was wondering how can i get rid of the adds on my website. i know one trick which is put the tag </noscript> and end of the <html> tag, but that way it completely get rids any javacript implemented in the page. and i was wondering if there is a way of get rid of the adds and still implement javascript on my pages.

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    You could try some things that are listed on this page. But as far as I know when geocities notice that you are doing these thing your sites will be deleted...

    btw how to ged rid of banner is only in the first part of that site... the second is about something else so don't read it!)))


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    After </HTML> try adding this:

    <A STYLE="position:absolute; display:none;">

    A friend told me about this. It works!

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