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    x 10 cam add

    was going to a page got that damned x 10 add again so i thought **** it im not putting up with it nemore went to their site and did some searching and came up with this link just goto it and it disables the adds for 30 days if u keep the cookie hope it helps
    btw i dont know if it works if u jack up the days worth a try


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    adding this to your hosts file helps too: x10.com
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    Name: www.x10.com
    IP Address: [glowpurple][/glowpurple]
    Location: Unknown
    Network: Level 3 Communications, Inc.

    X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. (X981-DOM)
    15200 52nd Ave S
    Seattle, WA 98188
    Add that IP address to ur firewall'd banned list. Worked for me.
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