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Thread: Unknown virus (maybe)

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    Unknown virus (maybe)

    I was checking my e-mail when suddenly i saw a e-mail having two attached files: "Nusn.scr" and "crnr_dn_rgt[1].jpg". Then i remember that many virus have the extension of .scr . So does any1 know if this is a virus or not?
    I.N I haven't open the attached files, or save them on the temporary folder and i have search on symantec .

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    A new one came it has two attached files again: "pelates.jpg" and "ack.exe". It has the same subject, but it has different e-mail address.

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    Dunno, sounds purty suspicious though. . .sorry I can't help.

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    Sounds like one to me. Have you tried scanning them with heuristics turned on?
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    I don't have anti-virus progs installed in my PC. But when i'm going to open the attached files, Windows warn me that they're maybe virus.

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    Go to an antivirus vendors website usually the have site scans you can do. I think www.trendmicro.com has one. Why not try that.
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    Thanks i will try it.

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    You can always try the free online virus scan at:


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    Thanks you to for your attention.

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    If your veiwing an http formatted email in plain text it will show you the http associated files, you know how people are adding background and such.

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