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    Omen's Sig

    Just thought this was a cool looking sig. Since it does leave the post box. It was still moving, like normal, just the placing was wrong. Not sure if it is showing up like this for anyone else or not. I am running IE6 right now. It stayed like this after my post also.
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    Yes I see the samething
    \"SI JE PUIS\"

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    I see it too. Strange.
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    Maybe this happened because of the lenght of the post.

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    I see it as well, however I think it was a clich in the html......
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    DrToker I thought this site ran on php not on html...

    ; )-

    Strange stuff. Well I don't use windows (only on IE does it show up) for any mission-critticle ****... So who gives a..
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    It runs on php.

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